Our membership is formed by persons who have suffered spinal cord injuries. Most of us were immigrants and low-wage workers before our accidents, and now being on a wheel chair makes things more difficult. We are poor and we support one another through solidarity that breaks the isolation that society and poverty impose on us.  We face isolation also due to repressive immigration policies, but with our work and the support of our families we can experience the freedom of working together to build our power and defend our rights. We are breaking through the indiference of a society that chooses not to see us because we are poor, in a wheelchair or undocumented, we have experience the presence of God accompanying us in our suffering and we know that together we are building an organization to have life in abundance, we know our situation is difficult, we live with constant pain and very limited resources but we chose to call our group Living Hope because we know God and history are on our side.


Individuals with spinal cord injuries or any similar condition that forces them to be in a wheelchair and that commit themselves to share our values and principles and participate in our activities.

Our membership lives moslty in Houston and Harris County but we support members in the Greater Houston Area, which includes the 9 adjacent counties.

Our core membership, also called Associate Membership, is formed by people in wheelchairs due to spinal cord injury or disease, many of our members suffered workplace accidents; others were victims of crime or were in car accidents.

Associate Members have voice and vote in our assemblies and can be elected to serve on our Board of Directors.

We also have family and solidarity membership options.
Family membership is for those living in the same household of an Associate Member and participating in our programs and events.

Solidarity Membership is for anyone that shares our values and vision and wants to support our work.

If you want to become a member of our organization please contact us!